Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Mission Carpet Care uses a nine step truck mounted steam cleaning process to thoroughly clean your carpet and leave it brighter, fresher and healthier. Not only will your carpet look better, it will stay clean and last longer.

Our Nine Step Process:

  • Pre inspection.
  • Itemized written quote
  • Thoroughly vacuum with commercial vacuum cleaner
  • Pre conditioning carpet (solution applied to aid in the suspension and removal of soil)
  • Pile agitation (Mechanical agitation to distribute the conditioner to all of the carpet fiber)
  • Hot water extraction (steam cleaning, using very hot water to rinse out the soils and pre conditioning solutions, leaving carpet fresh and clean)
  • Post spotting treatments
  • Finish pile grooming (uniformly grooming the carpet face fibers, giving it an even plush look)
  • Post inspection

Teflon carpet protector is available to protect and lengthen the life of your carpet. (Carpet protector wears off due to use. Restoring brings it back to its new condition)

Know What To Expect

Download our preparation guide.