Stain Blotter Powder

Stain Blotter Powder is composed of lightweight, absorbent particles that act like tiny sponges, absorbing up to ten times their weight in liquid. It is the perfect product for the treatment of spills when you don’t have time to perform normal stain removal – such as a pet accident or knocking over a cup of coffee on your way out the door to work.

Immediately after a spill or pet accident sprinkle Stain Blotter Powder on the area covering the spot with at least a 1/8″ thickness and applying the powder at least 2″ outside the spill. Allow Stain Blotter Powder to remain until it has dried completely (usually overnight) and then use your silent vacuum on the area thoroughly to remove. Many times the stain will be completely removed or will require minimal stain removal after the Stain Blotter Powder is removed.

Stain Blotter Powder is also a great product to treat recurring or wicking spots that keep reappearing after spotting or cleaning; it is a life-saver when you’re cleaning a rug. The problem in these situations is a large volume of spotting material below the surface of the carpet. When you spot or clean, the carpet appears clean but as it dries, the spot wicks back up to the surface resulting in a call back. In these situations, spot again to clean fiber tips and then apply Stain Blotter Powder, allow it to dry completely and then vacuum up.

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