Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer fire caution

More than 13,000 fires a year start in laundry rooms in the United States, resulting in 10 deaths and $97 million in property damage. Nearly 4,000 of these fires arise from lint buildup that occurs when people fail to clean their dryer vents. The following safety information from Consumer Reports can help you prevent a disaster.

Consumer Reports says that flexible dryer ducts made of foil or plastic are the most problematic because they can sag and let lint build up at low points. Ridges can also trap lint. Metal ducts, either flexible or solid, are far safer because they don’t sag, so lint is less likely to build up. In addition, if a fire does start, a metal duct is more likely to contain it. No matter which kind of duct you have, you should clean it regularly. In addition, clean the lint screen each time you use your dryer. This not only will reduce the risk of a fire, but your dryer will dry your clothes faster and use less energy

The picture to the right was lint we removed from one dryer vent duct. The house was 17 years old and the new owners were not sure if the duct had ever been cleaned.

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Mission Carpet Care’s technician will provide the following service to make your home a safer and efficient home.

  • Move dryer out and inspect the flex ducting and elbows
  • Vacuum and wet wipe the floor
  • Vacuum the back of the dryer and the dryer lint exhaust (inside the dryer)
  • Using a large vacuum and a round power driven brush, the ducting will be completely cleaned from the dryer end to the exterior of the house
  • Install the flex tube and reset the dryer in it’s original position